Interpreting is delicate

 offers the delicate service of interpreting. We are customized for situations involving small and large audiences. Whether a foreign speaker's speech needs to be interpreted to a large group or just 'whispered' to some people, we have the right and affordable solution for you.

Types of services

Simultaneous Interpreting

For an international conference, the need to overcome a language barrier can be critical. In fact, many members with poor English competence may be reluctant to attend if some language assistance is not offered...

Telephone Interpreting

MF Translations offers interpretation services for situations where two or more people need to communicate from different geographic locations. We work with the latest technology and can use for example Zoom or other videoconferencing tools.

Consecutive Interpreting

Normally intended for small conferences, meetings or presentations, in a consecutive interpreting setting our professionals will start interpreting after the original speaker has stopped...
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